What Is a Lash Kit? All You Need to Know About It

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The most reliable & high quality supplies perfect for new lash students or lash training academies. A good set of eyelash extensions, primer, and glue are all you need—and you can get everything in one go with premium lash kits!

Everything you need to know about lash kits

Eyelash kits give you full access to all the tools and supplies you need for long, thick lashes. Here’s what you can expect:

●       Eyelash extensions

Of course, every eyelash kit contains a set of extensions. Depending on where you buy the kit, your extensions could be mink lashes or flat lashes.

Synthetic mink lashes are a popular choice because of their variety, with hundreds of different curls, thicknesses, and styles. Plus, these lashes are vegan, cruelty-free, and hypoallergenic.

If you’re looking for subtle and natural-looking curls, B curl mink lashes are your best option. To create a naturally thick look, go for extensions with a 0.15mm diameter.

●       Primer

Before you apply the extensions, you’ll need to remove oil and dust from your lashes. This is where primer comes in. This pre-application material can improve lash adhesion and enhance retention time.

You can apply lash primer using a microfiber brush, completely coating your lashes. Then, make sure your eyelashes are completely dry before applying the extensions.

●       Glue

It’s essential to use high-quality glue for your extensions. Additionally, you should consider the time it takes for your adhesive to dry.

Some glues can bond in as fast as 0.5 - 2 seconds. However, when applying your extensions, you must consider the room’s humidity and temperature, as these factors can affect the adhesive’s performance.

●       Cream remover

Ready to remove the lashes? Make sure you use the right products. Lash remover can come in three types: gel, cream, or liquid.

Cream remover is an excellent option because it can easily remove the entire set of lashes quickly. It is also the safest, offering better comfort compared to other cream removers.


Are you searching for a comprehensive lash kit to complete your daily looks? Don’t forget to buy your eyelash styling products from a trusted supplier online! 

Lash Box
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