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PRP skin treatment 101: All you need to know before an investment

Lilly Isaacson
PRP skin treatment 101: All you need to know before an investment

What exactly is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma is a basic process in which the concentrated blood plasma containing 3-5 times the number of platelets is found. It also consists of proper and effective platelet-derived growth factors that help in better rejuvenation and growth of skin. This treatment uses plasmas to stimulate cell migration and collagen production. The use of this treatment even helps in getting better and natural-looking skin without any additional stress. However, one of the major reasons for the popularity of PRP Sydney treatment is that there are risks involved in it. 

How it effectively rejuvenates skin?

The cells in the body that helps in the aiding of new tissue and cells are known as platelets. PRP treatment is used to inject into the exact targeted area of the skin to improve collagen production. This treatment even helps improve tissue structure and make the texture smooth and free of wrinkles. 

Complete the procedure 

The entire PRP is way simple and effective for daily use. However, some of the major steps followed in this treatment are:

  • Blood is used to spin in a centrifuge machine for 8-10 minutes, approximately. 
  • The complete procedure gets over within a maximum time of 20 minutes. 
  • The overall amount of blood taken from the body ranges from about 10 to 30ml, usually depending on the targetted areas that need to be treated. 
  • During the entire procedure, cells are usually separated from the top layer of blood extracted with rich platelets and then injected into the exact target areas. 

What to expect

Once the entire PRP process is done, some of the common things that you can expect include the following:

  • Slight swelling or even redness might occur in the exact area of the treatment 
  • Temporary bruises can also occur in and around the treated places. However, these will eventually go away with time 
  • No chance of infection at all as the platelets are taken from the patient's body only 
  • It is recommended to avoid any extremely heavy work right after the treatment

Benefits, and results 

Let's now discuss the benefits you get from this treatment. 


This is a completely non-surgical process that includes platelet-rich plasma from the patient's body itself. The platelet-rich blood is effectively injected into the exact portions where the treatment is needed. 

Quick process: 

The entire treatment is non-invasive, so the treatment can take less than 30 minutes. Once the platelet-rich plasmas are activated, it improves the skin by healing it internally. In addition, the growth and healing factors work to properly remodel the epidermis by improving its texture. 

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Lilly Isaacson
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