Before the Google I / O: Look out for Android N, self-driving cars and our

Raymond Powers

The evening begins Google's huge developer conference in Silicon Valley - here are the points we want to know more about.

Earlier in our test we ran a preview version of Android, N, and was able to report on the news that split screen, new notifieringsfunktioner and several other exciting news interface.

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However, I / O Reveals certainly more Androidfronten.

Android Auto and self-driving cars

Google's self-driving cars have gone around the streets of Mountain View for over a year now and have been involved in traffic accidents.

Virtual reality

Google reported a large bet on the vr, and the prerelease version of Android N line includes expanded support for the technology.

We have already been introduced for super cheap Google Cardboard, but there are low odds on Google within a few days has published its very own VR platform.

Raymond Powers
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