Android Pay Goes Live In The UK Without Universal Bank Support

Jack Scharfenberg

It is claimed 1.5 million users are signing up for the service each month.

Android Pay in the UK

Android Pay 2

American Express cards are not supported at launch despite working the US, while NatWest, RBS and Santander accounts are not compatible.

The average number of journeys made on London s transport network using mobile devices has increased from 7,500 a day to more than 35,000, with more than 200,000 unique devices used to make trips in the six months leading up to February – an increase of 1,000 devices per day.

A survey we carried out revealed 57 percent of Britons don t feel comfortable paying for goods and services through their mobile phones, and 45 percent are concerned about security and fraud.

It ll take years not months to build trust in mobile payments among the mainstream and, while the openness of Android as a platform for developers might be a good thing for the user experience, just one data breach or financial hack could destroy all that trust and goodwill – so vigilance is key.

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Jack Scharfenberg
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