Here are the four biggest flops from previous years Google I / O

Victor Schenck

Google Wave

Long before Slack, Facebook at Work and its own Google Drive tried to get us to work on the same wavelength.

Google Glass

2012 Sergey Brin goes out on stage with some of the ugliest spectacle the world has ever known.

The highlight - that moment when ashamed cushion needed hugging hardest - was when skydivers equipped with Google Glass jumped on the roof of the Moscone Center, and then ran and cycled!

The ball was worked as a streaming hub for Android devices, but missing most of arch-enemy functions.

In addition, cost Nexus Q, the entire $ 300 - three times as much as the then-generation Apple TV.

2012 JRC abolished everywhere except on Blogger, who stubbornly fought on the outdated system until January this year.

Victor Schenck
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