Techniques have investigated the collapsed mast

Eric Spilde

photographer: Teracom

Staff from Teracom has now been able to get through to the interrupted Häglaredsmasten.

Another sabotage has now been found to have taken place earlier in May, when a radio tower in adjacent Tranemo were subjected to vandalism, the Swedish Radio.

Previously collapse hazard technical personnel prevented from coming up to the area around the collapsed mast.

We have now started all television broadcasts, they go out, but with limited coverage, because we do not have as high mast, he says.

Yet there is no evaluation of whether it is safe to climb in the remaining part of the mast, so any work in the tower itself lingers.

Marcus Hartmann turns to the concept:

- Actually, it was just an opportunity to tell more about what we know and to get an update on the situation.

Eric Spilde
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