The Customer-Centric Editorial Calendar: The Solution to a Focused Marketing Strategy

Robert Rock

Because the most effective marketers are using a cohesive customer journey map to align with dynamic content needs as prospects move through the funnel.

A customer-centric editorial calendar is a dynamic content calendar that responds to the diverse experiences customers have on your website and can:

Provide cross-functional visibility into content production

Support a platform for customer journey mapping

Create visuals for the progressive content story

Garner actionable insights for improvement and iteration

5 Steps to Building Customer-Focused Editorial Calendar

The Prerequisites

Before you get started on the actual execution of an editorial calendar, there s a couple boxes you need to check.

So, we re going to assume that before you start the next five steps, you ve already:

Defined your target personas and audience

Aligned internally on unified, clear company messaging

Established a benchmark for content performance based on metrics

Step 1: Determine Persona-Based Content Themes

It makes sense that when you re creating a customer-centric calendar, you should start planning by thinking about… your customer.

Depending on your team s size and capacity, I d pick no more than 5-10 themes for a given month.

You can definitely have themes that exist for multiple months in a row, but try to have different themes for each month, playing around with the lower priority themes.

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Robert Rock
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