UK Spaceport, Faster Broadband And Driverless Electric Cars Mentioned In Queen’s Speech 2016

Irene Diaz

This year s Queen s Speech was arguably it s most technology focused with a commercial spaceport, driverless cars and faster broadband were all being given special prominance.

To help make sense of it all we re going to run through each mention and explain what it means and whether the government is actually going to follow through with its plans.

The government is indeed looking to build a spaceport in the UK by 2020 with eight locations under consideration with Newquay, Cornwall looking to be the strongest.

Alongside providing thousands of new jobs in the area the commercial spaceport would become a central European hub for the testing of experimental new spacecraft including Reaction Engines Skylon and Virgin Galactic s own space planes.

Faster Broadband

Rui Vieira/PA Wire

That s right, if you re still struggling to get broadband in your home then the Queen s Speech contained some good news.

While The US and Sweden have predominantly been leaders in this area the government is already working on a futureproofed bill that will turn the UK s roads into a giant testing ground for the next-generation of automated cars.

Irene Diaz
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