Profit isn't everything, you need purpose too

Robert Woodward

littleBits' founder Ayah Bdeir

David Rowan

Editor of Wired magazine

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This article was first published in the June 2016 issue of WIRED magazine.

The "moment" – when pressure sensors, motion triggers and servo motors are suddenly transformed into magic – is currently being discovered in 3,000 schools, and among 230 local enthusiast communities that the company calls "global chapters".

We want to empower young and old to feel creative, confident and active, and to be inspired and empowered by technology.

Her parents nurtured that curiosity with chemistry sets and electricity kits; but she was also influenced by her three sisters, all designers.

"It's attracted to our team people who believe in a higher purpose, beyond profit; people who are empathetic, willing to put in the extra time to make something work; people who otherwise we couldn't afford; people who are not sabotaging each other.

"At one point it was a conflict between focusing on keeping retail costs down and building out the profit line.

Robert Woodward
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