Running on Grass Offers Big Strength and Balance Benefits

Scott Morell
May 18, 2016 12:00

If you mostly run on roads, you re missing out: Soft and uneven surfaces help to build strength and balance by working some lesser-used muscles in your feet and legs.

Even if there s no picturesque trail or beach in your neighborhood, you still have an option: Run on grass.

Look around for a park or athletic field with a big grassy field you can use or go rogue and trample your neighbors front yards—wait, no, don t do that.

Running on grass is also a mental as well as a physical change of pace, so try working it into the last 15 minutes of your next run.

If that goes well, says a post at Competitor, you can work towards doing entire workouts on the turf.

4 minutes hard

2 minutes easy note that this is half the time of the hard interval

3 minutes hard

1.5 minutes easy

2 minutes hard

1 minute easy

1 minute hard

Recover for 3 minutes walking or easy jogging , and then repeat the sequence two more times.

Scott Morell
May 18, 2016 12:00
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