Google Home: Everything you need to know

Gladys Wiggins

The first major announcement out of this year's event, Google Home is a compact Wi-Fi and voice-enabled speaker centred around Google Assistant – the new all-encompassing moniker for Google's various voice assistant technologies.

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At I/O, Google explained:

"You can access songs, playlists, albums, artists, and podcasts from your favourite music services just by asking with your voice, or if you prefer, you can send music from your Android or iOS device through Google Cast..."

Video content will work similarly – just ask Google Home to play a film or TV show and it'll start streaming on the telly of your choice.

Google Home will support a range of smart lighting and smart thermostat installations, including of course Google's own Nest brand.

Lastly, Home will offer all the standard Google Search features, meaning you can ask it about your travel itinerary, commute, daily schedule and more.

Stay tuned for more updates including full details of UK pricing and availability, and specs

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Are you excited about Google Home or does the Amazon Echo still reign supreme?

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Gladys Wiggins
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