Podcast 508: The ballad of iTunes usability

Matt Ouellette

Apple s software can really bug ya—last week we discussed a bug that wiped out some users iTunes libraries, and this week Apple dropped iTunes 12.4 to clean up the interface and hopefully increase understanding of just how to manage your collection across iTunes on your Mac, your iCloud Music Library, and Apple Music.

Glenn and Susie are joined by Kirk McElhearn, one of the world s foremost experts in how the heck a person can use iTunes without tearing all their hair out, to explain what s changed—and what still really needs to be fixed.

Elsewhere, we come to bury CurrentC, not to praise it—although we re really into mobile payments now, thanks, especially after the rollout of those poky chip-reading point-of-sale systems.

And Gboard leaked some chicken and noodles.

Show notes

Apple Pay s retailer-backed rival CurrentC may never launch by Caitlin McGarry

Why Apple Pay and other mobile wallets beat chip cards by Brian X. Chen for the New York Times

Twitter is on the right track with this rumored change to its 140-character limit by Caitlin McGarry

Google s new Spaces app is for group sharing across Android, web, and iOS by Derek Walter

Google s Gboard doesn t send your keystrokes, but it does leak chicken and noodles by Glenn Fleishman

iTunes update coming to address file deletion reports by Nick Mediati

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Matt Ouellette
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