Google announces brand new features coming to Android N

Rickey Cameron

With the software s JIT compiler, apps will install 75% faster and the compiled code size will be reduced by 50%.

Burke also discussed three ways that Android N will improve security:

File-based encryption

Media-hardening framework

Seamless updates

That last one should be especially exciting for Android users, because it means they ll never have to see an update dialog notification ever again.

At least, it was the most exciting, until Burke revealed that split screen mode would be coming to both Android phones and tablets.

Finally, Burke announced that direct replies will give users the ability to respond to notifications without actually opening the app and Unicode 9 emoji support, with emoji that look less like monstrous blobs.

Over 250 new features will be in Android N, which is coming this summer.

Thanks to the sharing economy, living in five different cities in five years has never been more doable.

Rickey Cameron
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