Google I/O 2016: Allo And Duo Offer Smart, Secure Messaging For iOS And Android

Ruth Reed

Google I/O: Google attempts to monopolise mobile life even further with video app Duo and smart messaging app Allo that can reply for you

Google is attempting to compete with WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage with two new messaging applications that hope to keep people using its services, and inputting information, even when they re communicating.

Allo and Duo will be available on Android and iOS this summer and claim to take a fresh look on how people connect – either with friends or family or in a business environment.

Allo Allo

Google Allo

Integration with Google s newly announced Google Assistant is a key distinguishing feature of Allo, which learns how you interact and can even reply for you depending on the context of the message or even a photo thanks to image recognition technology.

This includes weather, flight details, maps and sports scores and Assistant can even perform tasks like booking a table at a restaurant.

Crucially for businesses, Allo offers end to end encryption for chats with an incognito mode similar to the one in Chrome.

Messaging has become an increasingly important battlefield for technology companies that want to keep users in their ecosystems for as long as possible so they view more ads and provide more information.

Ruth Reed
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