The Grapevine of B2B: how word of mouth actually works

Charles Michels

Using it to track anything I was accountable for, I showed it to the founder in our weekly 1:1 meeting.

Jason Lemkin

Source: mckinsey.com.

For those unsure about actively managing word of mouth, consider this: the incremental gain from outperforming competitors with superior television ads, for example, is relatively small.


Scratch superior television ads for something more modern and digital, like adwords and SEO, and you have the case for B2B WOM management.

Jonah Berger s principle 6, Stories

How to kickstart more WOM for your business

Conduct an NPS survey to identify customers with word-of-mouth potential

The Net Promoter Score metric gauges a simple and timeless customer sentiment: How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

The reward proposition — a temporary plan upgrade — is laid out clearly, with some extra copy highlighting the benefits you ll enjoy with Trello Gold.

Charles Michels
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