Old ATM malware is back and infecting machines everywhere

Billy Clark

Image Source: William Grootonk

An old piece of ATM malware is back, and reportedly more dangerous and harder to detect than ever.

According to security researchers from Kaspersky Labs, an updated piece of malware dubbed Skimer has infected numerous Windows-based ATMs across all corners of the globe.

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When installed, the updated version of Skimer checks to see if the file system is FAT32 or NFTS.

Unlike other skimming malware programs, like Tyupkin, which becomes active in a specific time frame and is awakened by a magic code , Skimer may lie dormant for months until it is activated with the physical use of a magic card.

Once an ATM is compromised and the Skimer malware resuscitated from its dormant state, cyber criminals can gather pertinent financial data from inserted cards and can even direct the machine to dispense money.

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Billy Clark
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