Sapphire Now: SAP HANA and software updates show renewed focus on big data analytics

Earl Ledet

CBR highlights the biggest announcements from the show.

HANA Cloud Platform for Cloud Foundry

SAP released a Cloud Foundry beta version in order to help developers build apps and services using a combination of Cloud Foundry and HCP.

Digital Customer Insight

This is the first data-as-a-service offering that SAP has created and is designed to deliver insights that can be bought from the SAP store.

In addition to these insights, marketers will be able to gain competitive insight into store locations and how they compare to the competition.

SAP says that the data is both anonymised and encrypted so that individual privacy is protected.

Integrations between Microsoft Office 365 and cloud solutions would form an important part of the deeper relationship between the two.

Earl Ledet
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