Apple’s stores have gone from serious to absurd in 15 years

Manuel Darcangelo

It s a far cry from the Apple Store that Steve Jobs first introduced back in 2001, and if the founder could see what the face of the store has become, he d be turning in his grave.

The focus is clear: the first thing that you saw when you walked into the building was Apple s full line of products, divided between consumers and pro users.

Let s compare that to the first impression people will get of Apple s new store:

Once inside, the trend continues.

It s going to be the same Apple store you know and love/hate, but with dumb names, because Apple is bigger than stores.

Per The Verge s breathless coverage:

The Genius Bar, where can make an appointment to get hands-on customer service, is now the Genius Grove, accented by literal trees and open spaces.

It s a phenomenon that every other company has been striving to copy, mostly unsuccessfully, and a huge part of creating the Apple Cult that queues outside stores worldwide on a yearly basis.

Manuel Darcangelo
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