This 3-D printed motorbike is absurdly light

Paul Mize

Airbus APWorks; Jungfernfahrt Light Rider; 20.05.2016; Ottobrunn Image Source: AP Works

3-D printing has been used to make all sorts of products of increasing complexity, including rockets for spacecraft and engine components.

The oh-so-cleverly-named Light Rider is produced by Airbus subsidiary AP Works.

Even including the chunky tires, suspension and electric motor, the whole bike only weighs in at 35kg.

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Despite the low weight and electric motor, the bike still has enough power to make it a serious around-town commuter: 50mph top speed, and 0-30 in three seconds.

All in all, it s like some kind of electric bicycle/Vespa hybrid, and it sounds ideal for my daily commute.

The entire project is really a metaphor for 3-D printing s battle against more conventional manufacturing technology.

Paul Mize
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