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Know about the 15 Things Winter Tyres Should Not Be Used For

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Know about the 15 Things Winter Tyres Should Not Be Used For

Winter tyres are an important part of driving in cold weather. They provide extra grip and traction, helping to avoid skidding and other dangers associated with winter driving. However, there are a few things that you should not do when it comes to winter tyres. In this article, we will discuss 15 things you should never do with your winter tyres.

1. Do Not Overinflate: Winter tyres have a lower air pressure than regular summer or all-season tyres. This is done for increased grip during cold temperatures and snowy conditions. Overinflating your winter tyres can actually reduce the amount of grip they have, reducing their effectiveness and increasing the chances of an accident on icy roads.

2. Do Not Underinflate: Underinflated winter Mazda Tyres Northampton can lead to reduced road grip, increased wear and tear on the tyre, and higher fuel consumption. Remember to check your tyre pressures regularly in the cold weather to ensure they are at an appropriate level for winter driving conditions.

3. Do Not Use Winter Tyres on Dry Roads: Even though winter tyres have extra grip, that doesn't mean that they should be used all year round. In fact, using them during the summer months on dry roads will reduce their lifespan significantly as they are not designed for those conditions.

4. Do Not Mix Different Types of Tread Patterns: It is very important not to mix different types of tread patterns when replacing a worn-out winter tyre. Doing this will lead to uneven wear and tear on the tyres, reducing their effectiveness in the winter months.

5. Do Not Drive Faster Than Recommended Speed Limit: It is important to remember that winter tyres are not designed for high speeds. Driving faster than recommended speed limits with winter tyres can cause them to wear out more quickly or even become damaged in extreme cases.

6. Do Not Use Winter Tyres as Spare Tyre: If you have a spare Mazda Tyres Northampton, it should always be an all-season or summer tyre. Using a winter tyre as a spare will reduce its lifespan significantly due to additional weight and lack of use during the warmer months of the year.

7. Do Not Ignore Wear and Tear: Just like any other type of tyre, winter tyres need to be checked for wear and tear on a regular basis. Even the slightest signs of wear and tear should be addressed before they cause further damage or reduce the effectiveness of the tyre in cold weather conditions.

8. Do Not Fit Winter Tyres Without Studs: If you are planning to fit studded winter tyres, make sure you do so properly. Fitting them without studs can lead to reduced grip on icy roads and snow-covered surfaces, increasing the chances of an accident occurring.

9. Do Not Ignore Tyre Pressure Warning Lights: Pay special attention to your vehicle's tyre pressure warning light during the winter months as it is likely that the tyres will be losing pressure in the cold weather. Make sure to check your tyre pressures regularly and adjust them as needed.

10. Do Not Neglect Winter Tyre Maintenance: Just like any other type of tyre, winter tyres need regular maintenance to ensure that they are in good condition and ready for colder temperatures. Check the tread depth, inspect for wear and tear, and rotate your tyres on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance during winter driving conditions.

11. Do Not Drive on Worn-Out Winter Tyres: Driving on worn-out winter tyres is dangerous and should never be done under any circumstances. As soon as you notice signs of excessive wear or damage, make sure to replace them with new ones immediately to ensure your safety on the road.

12. Do Not Neglect Winter Tyre Storage: When winter driving season is over, make sure to properly store your winter tyres in a cool and dry place until they are needed again. This will help ensure that the tyres are ready for when colder temperatures arrive again. Failing to do so can cause them to degrade more quickly or become damaged if exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture.

13. Do Not Forget Wheel Alignment and Balancing: As with any other type of Cheap Tyres Northampton, it's important to get regular wheel alignments and balancing done on your winter tyres as well. Doing this can reduce wear and tear, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance overall driving performance during winter months.

14. Do Not Neglect Driving Techniques: Finally, it is important to remember that winter driving requires special techniques and approaches. Make sure to familiarize yourself with winter driving strategies and practice them regularly in order to stay safe on the roads during cold weather conditions.

This will give you peace of mind when driving in cold weather conditions and reduce the risk of accidents or unexpected damage. Be sure to follow these tips and always keep safety top of mind when out on the roads!


All of the above tips will help you maintain and extend the life of your winter tyres, so that you can enjoy safe and comfortable journeys during bitter cold weather conditions. Properly maintained winter tyres are essential for providing optimum traction and grip on snow-covered roads, keeping you and your passengers safe throughout the year! So make sure to follow these guidelines when it comes to looking after your winter tyres this season. Enjoy safe driving!

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