LaCie Porsche Design hard drive review

Brian Christy

External hard drive makers LaCie has worked with Porsche Design since 2003; this USB-C mobile drive is just the latest combined effort.

Comes with free backup software

Plug in this drive for the first time and you ll find a setup program for Windows and Mac.

The program helps you partition your drive, allowing you to decide how much space you want to use only with Windows computers via NTFS, and how much space you want to work with Windows, Linux, and Mac devices via FAT32.

There s Genie Timeline Free, which is an application that automates backing up files of folders, and Lacie desktop manager, which shows you the status of your drive.

Two-year limited warranty

The LaCie Porsche Design mobile drive is covered for two years.

Attractive, but ultimately overpriced

We recently reviewed the lightweight and speedy Samsung T3 Portable SSD, which costs a staggering $800 for 2TB.

Brian Christy
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