How to maximize the marketing potential of any social media network

John Wyckoff
May 21, 2016 10:00

We call it the law of the double-peak, and it s a transition every social network goes through:

The two peaks of opportunity on any social network

The organic peak

When a social network is emerging and growing towards mainstream popularity, the key opportunity for brands tends to be organic reach Facebook circa 2009, Instagram in 2015, Snapchat in 2016 .

At this stage, individuals and brands who want to build an audience are usually focused on figuring out the platform what do users want to see?

and creating engaging, unique content that carries their brand message.

The transition from organic to paid is an emotional one for marketers, and it takes some adjustment.

That s not to say it was easy to build an audience organically between 2009 to 2012, but it was certainly doable, and a large number of brands had a ton of success with brilliant, creative content and tiny advertising budgets .

Products at this stage:

Snapchat climbing towards the organic peak

Instagram beginning to transition to an algorithmic feed and building its Facebook-integrated ad platform

Twitter still figuring out what it is

Key takeaway: If you start to see encouraging results from a social network as it moves towards the mainstream, go all in and try to drive as much ROI as possible as it progresses towards the organic peak


When a network becomes mature organic reach is next to zero, and for brands and businesses, this means to reach anyone aside from your biggest fans you ll need to pay.

John Wyckoff
May 21, 2016 10:00
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