10 extremely useful tool for Microsoft OneNote

Frances Hill

It's very useful if you're researching something or just find the articles you want to read later.

Download here

OneNote Clipper - save articles

Much of what we use OneNote is to save articles from the web and then use as references and citations, and the ability to make notes with Surface Pen.

With OneNote Clipper for Chrome or any third-party options for Firefox or Microsoft Edge without a plugin, you can copy items to OneNote with one click.

Office Lens - Magical image tools

Another area where OneNote is strong is image recognition.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Download for Windows Phone

OneNote Publisher for WordPress - The blog

If you are blogging with WordPress platform and uses OneNote for taking notes, you can combine the two with OneNote Publisher plugin for WordPress.

For example you can add calendar events and new fonts.

Frances Hill
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