Kris Spirit Stampen applies for reorganization

Peter Garvey

The reason for the reorganization is to Stampen financiers did not accept the plans to finance the business forward, says CEO Martin Alsander for the echo.

Stampen CEO: Our banks did not approve our financial plans @sr echo

- SR echo echo @sr May 23, 2016

We have over the past two years worked to reduce leverage, while we have implemented extensive savings and rationalization to create sustainable profitability.

SVT's Mission Review reported last fall that the company also handed out about 250 million to its shareholders.

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Johanna Öberg was appointed CEO of Stampen Media about a year ago with the goal of increasing the company's digital focus and accelerate the transformation of the Group.

According Stampen target is a new beginning which ensures journalism, jobs and businesses in the long term.

Applications for the current group companies submitted on Monday.

Peter Garvey
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