8 Essential Concepts Every Digital Marketer Should Understand

William Ewing

I ve got to pour this cement before it sets, don t bother me, was the reply.

Finally, the reporter interviewed the lowest man on the job totem pole—the hod carrier.

But even if you never touch one of them in your current role, it s important to have a basic understanding of these eight concepts:

1 – SEO

SEO is rapidly becoming a highly specialized field.

That said, there are some old-school basic SEO elements that every piece of content should have:

A title tag fewer than 80 characters long, to avoid being shortened in results pages

A meta description that describes the content in 160 characters or fewer

Header text H1 tags for the most relevant text

Alt descriptions for images that describe the content of the image

Descriptive text for links not just Click Here or More

If you want to dig deeper into SEO basics, Google s SEO starter guide is a great resource.

Long paragraphs and lack of navigational elements can send readers back to their search engine results for a more reader-friendly page.

Even on LinkedIn, which has yet to embrace the algorithm scourge, you can reach a much broader audience with a little strategic boosting.

William Ewing
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