Hack, Hack, Hustle, Nap, Repeat: Life as a Young Techie in San Francisco

Rex Canale
May 23, 2016 12:48

Laura Morton

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The fact that nine out of every 10 startups fails doesn t keep people from descending on the San Francisco Bay Area with dreams of getting rich while changing the world.

Everyone wants to be the Uber of something, convinced that the world needs an app to help people express their emotions or an online store selling party favors that glow in the dark.

Her ongoing series takes you into the networking parties, hackathons and grubby crash pads where techies tap tap tap away at their laptops.

Morton moved to San Francisco from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a decade ago, drawn by its diversity and the idea that you could be whoever you wanted to be.

Watching people type code or crunch data for hours on end is pretty boring.

Her patience allowed her to capture moments others might miss, like the woman so engrossed in her VR headset she didn t realize everyone had left the room.

Rex Canale
May 23, 2016 12:48
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