The cheapest and most expensive places to buy a new iPhone

Letha Byrd

Unless you've got superpowers or particularly light fingers, a new iPhone is never going to come particularly cheaply, but some countries offer more competitive SIM-free iPhone pricing than others.

Data prised by Business Insider from Deutsche Bank's annual 'Mapping the World's Prices' report reveal which countries the iPhone is cheapest in – and where you're going to pay most for a shiny new Apple smartphone like the incoming iPhone 7.

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Using US prices for the iPhone 6 as a baseline, the stats show that Brazil is the most expensive place to buy a new iPhone, where it retails for 56% more than in the States.

Other pricey countries to grab an Apple handset include Indonesia, Sweden, India and Italy, while Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa and Singapore are among those where the premium is lowest.

The UK ranks 21st in the list at 12% over the odds.

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Here's the table in full:

However, before we start bashing Apple for being big meanies in certain markets, it's worth noting that the local prices reflect things like import duties, sales tax, and currency variations.

Letha Byrd
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