Dad Uses Tesla’s ‘Summon’ Feature To Play The Perfect Prank On His Young Son

Robert Flenard

We knew this already, but one father has found a way of turning his Model S into the perfect prank machine against his son.

It allows the driver to remotely summon the car from a garage or parking space simply by tapping a button on the smartphone app.

YouTube/Tesla Motors Fans

Well this father neglected to tell his son that his Model S had this feature, and so decided to have a little fun.

Unsurprisingly his son was somewhat alarmed, probably thinking that he had in someway instigated this.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Ending with the famous last words My dad s going to kill me , the boy was finally put out of his misery and realised he d been pranked.

Both of Tesla s cars definitely have a sense of humour built in, for starters there are a whole library of little easter eggs hidden in the software from Bond references to the simple fact that the cars sport mode is called Ludicrous Mode .

Robert Flenard
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