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Tips to Care for Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

Goldwynns Retrievers
Tips to Care for Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

What is the name of the universal dog breed that everyone adores? English golden retriever puppies, without a doubt! They’re such a bundle of shining, golden joy that it’s hard not to want to play and cuddle with them. 

If you're planning to bring home a cute little golden pup, there are many things to take care of. After all, cream golden retriever puppies are one of the most active breeds, and they require proper love and care. And the good news is that these endearing creatures will return your love in many folds.

Keep reading to understand how to keep your goldie pup healthy, active, happy, and friendly. Keep Them Spick and Span 

As far as the basic bath time is concerned, every golden retriever pup's temperament is different. While some enjoy the feeling of water over their bodies, others despise it and must be held against their will. 

In any case, your cute goldie pup has strong, thick fur, which will further develop as they grow. A bath once every two months should be perfectly fine. On other days, you can take a damp cloth and clean their body thoroughly of the inevitable dirt and grime that play sessions gather. 

Also, remember to clean your puppy's ears and brush their teeth! For the former, wrap your finger with wet gauze and clean inside the ear flaps (avoid using cotton swabs). Wax build-up should be cleaned every alternate day. 

For brushing, do it every day with dog-friendly toothpaste. Toothpaste that are meant for human may lead to tooth decay and other problems in your golden pup. 

Let the Coat Shine 

When you look up golden puppies for sale, what is the first thing that catches your eye? Definitely their creamy-white and golden coat that shines bright! Once you bring them home, it becomes your responsibility to keep their coat sparkly and clean. 

Brush the coat daily to prevent shedding and matting of hair. Start this practice early, and your golden pup will look forward to brushing hours in years to come. Also, look closely for any scabs, bumps, scratches, or cysts on their body while brushing. 

If you do, watch for a day or two and then visit a vet. 

Encourage Them to Workout 

English golden retriever puppies are among the most active breeds in the world. They love exploring the outdoors and playing. Encourage them to exercise early on. 

Take your fur child on long, brisk walks at least twice daily. You can take a relaxing stroll through the woods or visit a park. They need at least 30 minutes of workout each session. If your puppy is fond of water, you can also take them out for a swim during the summer months. 

Trim Those Nails 

Yes, your golden baby will hate this, but it is still essential. The minute you observe that your puppy's nails are clicking on the ground, it's your cue to get the nails trimmed. 

If they do not exercise enough, you might have to increase the frequency of nail trimming. Active pups need less frequent nail trimming. While trimming, be careful not to cut a blood vessel present within the nail. 

It can get messy and painful. Also, do not be hasty; go slow and look for a circle-like appearance on the trimmed nail. That’s where you must stop! 

Train Them Lovingly 

You cannot allow your fur baby to become a wild child, but remember to train them with love. Using an iron rod can make them get afraid and less susceptible to trusting and opening up to you again. 

Create a dog's den and let your pup know this is their safe space. If they feel down or nervous, they can retreat to this space for rejuvenation. Teach them to obey commands through daily training sessions at the same place. 

However, please do not use a stick or any other object as a weapon, as this may stress them out. Gradually and gently, your pup will learn to follow basic commands and rules. 

Let Them Socialize 

Cream golden retriever puppies are also among the friendliest dog breeds worldwide. They love interacting with other dogs and humans. 

Ensure you take your pup out for socializing to keep their friendliness alive. You can take them to dog parks where they interact and play with other pets. Some days, you can even take your pup to regular parks and playgrounds to interact with other humans. 

Just like human babies, goldie pups must also get accustomed to loud noises. So, take them to crowded places to familiarize themselves with the sounds of vehicles, machines, people chattering, and more. 

Now is Your Golden Hour! 

If you’re in Texas, you’re in luck. Find adorable and friendly golden retriever puppies for sale in Texas belonging to top-quality pedigrees. You can train and take care of them as your show dog, family member, agility companion, or therapy animal. 

Follow the above-mentioned tips, and you should have no difficulty raising loving, friendly, and loyal fur buddies for a lifetime! 

Goldwynns Retrievers
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