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Accumax, The most preferred choice for Liquid Handling Products!

Accumax Lab Devices Pvt. Ltd.
Accumax, The most preferred choice for Liquid Handling Products!

When looking for the best companion for effortless workflow in the laboratory, look for one that minimizes human error, increases precision and accuracy, and saves time! The market offers a wide range of liquid handling devices, from a simple pipette to a full-scale automated workstation, but making the right choice can be difficult at times. Here's a breakdown of what each product is used for and how it can improve your performance.

One of the largest producers of liquid handling products globally, Accumax Lab Devices Pvt. Ltd. with its great expertise caters to customers in over 130 countries across the world. Driven by a culture of innovation and change, we constantly strive to improve our product quality to provide exceptional precision and ease of use.  

One of our core beliefs is that "where there is innovation, there is enormous expertise!"

While we are constantly exploring different horizons, we are also working to improve our technology. Our quality system ensures that all processes in the company, including product development, purchase, raw material quality control, component manufacturing, product assembly, and final inspection, are well-defined, recorded, and controlled. We hold ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications.

We manufacture approximately 200,000 pipettes per year, in addition to other products in our basket. Currently, our exclusive product basket includes Pipettes and Pipette Controllers, Bottle Top Dispensers, Tips, Tubes and PCR Consumables and so much more...

1. Pipette:  For a truly effortless pipetting experience, we have designed pipettes that combine precision and accuracy while providing high flexibility in measuring and transferring small amounts of liquid in millilitres (mL) and microliters (μL). 

Our pipette range includes:

2. Bottle Top Dispenser: Our bottle top dispenser has unrivalled features and can be used to dispense highly specific quantities of liquids such as chemicals, solvents, and oils from bottles or similar containers. Following extensive consumer research, the bottle top dispenser aims to meet all dispensing needs with unrivalled precision and convenience.

3. Pipette Controller: Our pipette controller has a unique design that allows for exceptional performance when drawing and dispersing a variety of liquids at precise volumes. It also has features such as double safety valves for added protection against fluid penetration, dual-speed modes, and so on.

4. PCR Consumables: Our significant expertise in developing quality handling equipment to carry out PCR reactions through the thermal cycler is reflected in our Ultra-thin range of PCR tubes. Accumax PCR Consumables are specially designed in smaller bulk packs to avoid contamination. 

5. Tubes: Designed to meet diverse laboratory applications, Accumax centrifuge tubes can be used to contain liquids during centrifugation. The tubes will aid in the completion of your workflow by providing solutions for Cell culture, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, and sample preparation protocols.

Types of tubes:

6. Tips: A disposable and autoclavable cone-shaped pipette attachment that aids in liquid transfer. Accumax pipette tips are manufactured in a fully automated 10K class to ensure absolute purity, with no additives or dyes used.

7. Filtration: Accumax includes Spin Columns and Filter Plates to provide high throughput for a variety of filtration applications.

  • Filter plates, made of high-quality virgin polystyrene are used for a variety of applications such as nucleic acid purification, protein recovery and removal, next-generation sequencing sample preparation, chromatography clean-up, and so on.
  • Spin Column, designed for biomolecule purification, isolation, and separation, offers a variety of filter options such as cellulose acetate, PVDF, glass fibre, PE, and others for a variety of biological applications.

8. Reservoirs: Accumax Reagent Reservoirs are ergonomically designed following extensive data analysis to provide a user-friendly experience. These stable reservoirs with a wide base, are used for multichannel pipetting while ensuring maximum retrieval and enhanced efficacy. Reagent reservoirs are specially designed to have the lowest residual volume in the industry, resulting in maximum reagent recovery. 

9. Deepwell plates: The most common use for deepwell plates is sample storage. Accumax deepwell plates have become an essential reaction vessel in the high throughput multidisciplinary research arena.

They are also used in a variety of other applications such as biological sampling, biospecimen elution storage, DNA fingerprinting, Microbial Growth studies, and biochemical analysis.

Our plates with alphanumeric indexing, fortified walls, multiple volumes, and universal compatibility design are the most cost-effective option for a wide range of applications in various fields.

10. Media bottles: Typically used in controlled laboratory environments, media bottles are used for liquid storage, mixing, and sampling. These bottles are leak-proof, shatter-proof, and freezer-safe, making them ideal for storage and transportation. Our resin materials are carefully selected to minimise additives and potential leachables.

11. Reagent bottles: An excellent storage container for powder and liquid samples, Reagent bottles are specifically designed to be chemically resistant to facilitate long-term storage. These bottles provide ease and convenience, being leak-proof, and are available in wide and narrow mouth sizes, as well as in amber colour.

We believe that consistent innovation in all aspects of product conception and development leads to perfection. This conviction has been distilled into a precise and clear product design as well as our development process. Our stringent quality control process flow ensures that the end product reaching the customer is precisely calibrated and meets the customer’s expectations. Accumax, at its core, connects innovation with a customer-centric mindset to provide unparalleled user-friendly products.

The primary benefit of any liquid handling equipment is efficacy, but it improves performance when it is designed to function well in difficult experimental conditions with minimal downtime and maintenance. To avoid unfavourable outcomes, one must be familiar with the key benefits of the equipment.

Accumax Lab Devices Pvt. Ltd.
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