How to go back to Windows 7 or 8 after an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade

James Rankins

Microsoft s putting away the carrots and breaking out the sticks in its quest to migrate 1 billion users to Windows 10 over the next couple of years.

For the past six months, the Get Windows 10 pop-up asked permission to start an update, but lacked a No thanks option, so the only way to avoid it was to close the window by pressing the X in the upper-right hand corner.

Now, the pop-up says We will upgrade you at this time, and pressing the X counts as consent.

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It s a nasty bait-and-switch after months of using an incessant pop-up—which can t be disabled without the help of registry hacks and other advanced tricks—that wore down users, encouraging them to simply X out of the irritant when it appeared each and every time they opened their computer.

Stop it from happening again

Once you ve upgraded a PC to Windows 10, you ll always be able to do so again in the future.

But if you aren t enticed by Windows 10 s best features and more subtle awesome tweaks—a feeling I completely understand after a non-consensual upgrade—you can turn to a pair of helpful tools to disable the Windows 10 upgrade prompts from returning.

James Rankins
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