Three suggests you use WhatsApp or Skype instead of expensive MMS

Charles Janow

Three tells customers to use Skype and WhatsApp over its own expensive MMS services

Mobile giant Three has advised its customers to switch to WhatsApp or Skype to send photo and video messages, as it announced a huge price hike in the cost of multimedia messages MMS .

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Last year, MoneySavingExpert found that even composing your own emoji with colons, hyphens and brackets could lead to an automatic conversion into an emoticon that could be charged.

Notably, rather than justifying the price increase to its customers, Three suggested using cheaper alternatives or apps instead.

"There are other ways to send multimedia messages whilst keeping the costs at bay.

The encouragement from Three to use over-the-top services like Skype and WhatsApp may seem unexpected, particularly when European telecoms companies are lobbying for reduced regulation, in light of competition from these new entrants.

An EE spokesman told technology site Ars Technica UK that the change follows a "regular review of our pricing".

Charles Janow
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