Seagate's tiny Ultra Slim external hard drive is both pocketable and affordable

Paul Mize

There are cheaper drives with the same amount of storage, but Seagate is hoping the drive s form factor and design will help make up the difference.

Slim and sturdy

Are we allowed to call a hard drive cute?

The metal plate on top, available in silver and gold color aluminum, is covered in an alternating series of indented bubbles.

All told this hard drive is likely smaller than your phone, and at 4.8 ounces it probably weighs a little less too.

Over USB 2.0 this drive offers a read speed of 41.1MBps, and a write speed of 42.8MBps.

A solid little drive with good performance

If you want a physically small external drive that s big on space, and at a competitive price point, you could do worse than Seagate s Ultra Slim.

Paul Mize
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