OpIcarus: Anonymous hacker reveals inspiration behind latest operation and evolution of hacktivism

Bradley James

According to Voice, OpIcarus has been in the making for five years and "is created with the input of many different Anons anonymous hackers over a number of years."

Anonymous hacker claims OpIcarus was launched originally to coincide with the Occupy movement in efforts to digitise protests

The inspiration and motives behind the OpIcarus campaign

Voice revealed that the operation was "created to work hand-in-hand with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Website down: screenshots show bank targets offline after Anonymous cyberattacks

On the motives behind targeting banking systems, the Anonymous hacker revealed: "We want to bring people's attention back to financial terrorism which is caused by the elite rather than the corporate terrorism which created by the state.

How Anonymous choose its targets

IBTimes UK spoke to ESET security researcher Cameron Camp about the Anonymous evolution as a hacktivist group and how they go about picking who to hit next.

Since these attacks have shorter, less crippling lifespans before defences can be deployed, it is very difficult to continue a campaign long enough so the hacktivists can maintain their focus and retain media attention."

The Voice provided IBTimes UK with several screenshots as evidence of having shut down various international banks, including the Reserve Bank of India, the State Bank of Hamburg, the Central Bank of UAE, the Vatican City Financial Services, the Rothschild Foundation and the World Bank.

Bradley James
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