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Why Masala Box or Spice Box is The Heart of Indian Kitchen?

Priya Sukhi
Why Masala Box or Spice Box is The Heart of Indian Kitchen?

The masala box, also known as the spice box, has always held a special place in the hearts of our grandparents and moms. Indian food makes great use of spices. They are able to make even the most basic components come to life and turn any dish into a delicious supper. A circular spice box, which is present in many Indian houses, contains six or seven essential spices. Some spices, like cumin and mustard seeds, are whole while others, like red chili powder and turmeric, and one spice mixture, the renowned garam masala, are powdered. The contents of the spice box vary from family to family as well as from one location to the next.

What is a Masala Dabba or Spice Box?

You might be interested to hear that the Masala Dabba actually has a deep cultural past in India. It is a traditional name for an Indian spice tin or box. A bride's mother would give her a spice boxes as a wedding present so that she could learn to prepare delicious dishes for her new family. 

In order to store and preserve the freshness of your spices, spice boxes are normally one sizable (often circular) stainless steel pan with an airtight top. A lot of Indian kitchens utilize this common spice storage jar. Seven detachable canisters that you may use to decant your spices into are included, along with a metal serving spoon that you can use to measure them precisely.

What Goes in an India Kitchen Masala Box?

Your Kitchen of Spices Nine outstanding spices are contained in the Indian Spice Tin. However, you are completely free to use your imagination and change the spices in our various storage jars based on what you use the most.

After using your Masala container in the kitchen for a few weeks or months, you may find that you enjoy using more cinnamon or that cayenne pepper is your preferred chili pepper over chili powder.

Which Masala Dabba is The Best?

You should consider a number of variables when selecting an Indian spice box. The first is the variety and caliber of spices. The majority of Masala Dabba or Spice Boxes collections have seven different spices; however, we have chosen to include nine exquisite spices. This is so that you have all the necessary spices to prepare any Indian curry thanks to the variety of spices in our spice box.

Which Spice Box is The Best?

If you're looking for the ideal Masala container or  Spice Boxes to complement your kitchen, Dofurni offers you a handcrafted traditional circular masala box with a rustic golden look. It's great to store spices and contains a whopping six different types of spices, which are all you could possibly need to make any Indian curry. This box's golden appearance does degrade with time and develop a lovely antique aspect. It might be a retro feature in your kitchen if you enjoy cooking.


Your go-to "buddy in the kitchen" when you want to prepare a delicious curry for your family or loved ones is a masala container. It will keep all of your favorite spices together, keeping them fresh and flavorful for a lot longer than if you kept them in individual packets in your cabinet. Keep in mind that the secret to outstanding flavor is using fresh spices, so keep them out of direct sunlight and any other sources of oven heat.

You can fit all the ingredients you need to prepare nearly any Indian curry you can think of in your box, which also has room to keep the six key spices of Indian cooking.

Priya Sukhi
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