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Applicant Tracking System is the full name. Employers use this piece of software to organise their hiring procedure. Applications for jobs, resumes, and other information pertaining to the hiring process are stored, sorted, and tracked using it. The ATS can also be used to construct and manage candidate profiles, schedule interviews, and publish job openings on job boards.

What is an ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application designed to automate the recruitment process, from initial candidate sourcing through to post-hiring activities. It is used to streamline the recruitment process by managing the entire recruitment workflow, from job posting to onboarding. It helps recruiters by providing a centralized platform to manage candidates, job postings, resumes, applications, and other related data. An ATS provides recruiters with the ability to quickly sort through large numbers of resumes and applications to identify the most suitable candidates, based on criteria such as job requirements, experience, skills, and other relevant factors. It also allows recruiters to manage the recruiting process more effectively, by tracking and monitoring each stage of the recruitment cycle.

Benefits of ATS Software Resume Parsing Tool

Increased efficiency of the recruitment process

Using ATS software resume parsing tool when collecting resumes prevents human data entry. If you let one of these machine learning programs handle everything for you, you won't have to continually retype candidate information. Additionally, you'll save time by skipping hours of resume reading. Instead, you may quickly determine who has the necessary expertise and who does not by looking at the resume parsing format.

Human Errors Eliminated

Another significant benefit of employing an AI-powered resume parser tool, such as Digital Resume Parser, is that it completely automates the process of extracting and arranging the data from resumes, negating the need for manual data entry. In this approach, there is no room for human error. Without a parser, recruiters would struggle to manually extract or separate such data. This is where it really shines.

Quick and Easy Access to Candidate Data

It can be challenging for recruiters to manage all the material and keep it organized for quick and easy reference when as many as hundreds of resumes are occasionally submitted for a job opportunity. Your hiring staff requires an AI-powered resume parsing tool to manage the massive amounts of resume data for simple access.

Optimized Database of Resume Data

When job seekers submit their resumes, you wind up with a variety of formats and little to no uniformity in the information's presentation. The information may become incredibly tough to simplify as a result. With the help of a CV parser, they will standardize the format in which resumes are saved in their database. This removes uncertainty and helps manage vast candidate pools effectively.


RecruitHire's all-encompassing recruiting software allows you to add, track, and manage prospects, openings, and other data. It is an all-in-one ATS programme that streamlines the hiring process by processing resumes. It features a resume parser, career site, job posting forms, and an application tracker. RecruitHire delivers effective hiring automation through the use of prompted surveys, email templates, and multiple-stage screening stages.

  • One-stop ATS software resume parsing tool for hiring that shortlists, schedules, and conducts interviews
  • Use a career portal, resume parser, email integration, and smart bots to hire the top candidates.
  • Employment procedure that is expedited and flexible and uses virtual one-way interviews with NinjaInterview
  • Sync with built-in PerformanceUp and HRSprout

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Alma Holmes
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