Umbrella Corps

Mark Alexander

Hands-on with Capcom's latest e-sports shooter

Available on PS4 and PC from June 21

From the moment Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps was revealed its intentions were perfectly clear.

Umbrella Corps may have a predominantly online focus, but the first thing I got to play at a preview event is its single-player offering: The Experiment.

It feels very similar to The Club, the very underrated title from the previous generation of consoles, but unfortunately Capcom's attempt lacks the same panache.

This makes playing with finesse a dangerous tactic as, while an undead blasted with a shotgun to the chest will fly backwards and immediately drop a blood sampler, a head shot leads to a ham-fisted, painfully long death animation.

I hoped that eventually the mission structure would change, but single player remained dull and unimaginative.

First Impressions

Umbrella Corps could have been an interesting proposition if it had a clear focus and sound fundamentals.

Mark Alexander
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