The top 3 trends that will impact technology progress are not technological

Alexander Ruper

And while things like Artificial Intelligence AI , virtual reality, 5G networks, nano and bio-technologies are constantly in the headlines, there is another less prominent but extremely important revolution happening: The User Experience and the interaction between users and new technologies.

Here are the three trends we can t ignore, that are defining the way we interact with these technologies:

1: Transparency

Transparent networks , transparent technology, or calm technology, * is the idea that strives to eliminate all existing friction between technology and humans.

Or how the real world is increasingly merging with the virtual one to become a mixed reality.

Analyzing and measuring our emotions in real time, using our brainwaves to interact without a gesture or word: massive data processing, along with the development of sensors and measuring tools, offers us a glimpse of great developments in this complex field.

This is the inspiration behind the dive event, the first multidimensional, multisensory global event dedicated to innovation that puts user experience at the forefront.

*calm technology is a concept developed in an essay by Amber Case, a cyborg anthropologist, who will talk at dive event, July 7th, Rennes France.

Alexander Ruper
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