Monkey Island's co-creator wants Disney to sell him the IP, now that they've quit making games

Alexander Ruper

While Disney s exit from the self-publishing video game business earlier this month was bad news for fans of its toys-to-life Infinity series, it could be good news for lovers of the classic The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion franchises.

The titles co-creator, Ron Gilbert, has asked Disney to sell the rights to the games back to him.

Gilbert sent out the following Tweet yesterday:

Dear @Disney, now that you're not making games, please sell me my Monkey Island and Mansion Mansion IP.

I'll pay real actual money for them.

— Ron Gilbert @grumpygamer May 23, 2016

This was followed by another Tweet that explained he got the name of his own game wrong because he s incapable of proof reading his posts, which is "part of the charm in following him."

Five months later, Disney shut down the studio, saying that LucasArts would better serve the company by licensing properties instead of developing them in-house.

Alexander Ruper
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