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How Do I Use Arlo Camera Setup Support?

Arlo Camera Setup
How Do I Use Arlo Camera Setup Support?

Get easy assistance for your Arlo devices via the Arlo support center. You can get quick help via chat, call or submit a request to the Arlo support experts. In addition, the Arlo setup support also allows you to get more knowledge about their product details within the Arlo secure app. If you want to access the Arlo support center, you will need to launch the Arlo app on your Android or IOS devices, then click on Settings > Support.

Steps to Use Support Center

A subscription to Arlo Smart, a trial subscription, or a camera activated within 90 days is required to access Support Center contact options. The Arlo Support Center can't help you if you can't access Arlo Support. However, you can search for support issues and answers on the Arlo Support site. The Arlo Community is another option to seek advice and assistance related to your Arlo issues.

To get support for your Arlo devices(Arlo Customer Service Number): 

● Navigate and launch the Arlo App or sign in to my.arlo.com.

● Go and click on Settings > support. 

● Choose your Arlo product. 

Examine or select the support option:

Contact: Click on the contact option to talk with an Arlo support expert via chat or over a call. 

Common Topics: Tap on the topics to see the knowledge base article to help solve the issue quickly. 

Details: Verify the product's model and serial number, activation date, and warranty expiration date.

Note: An Arlo activation date is when the device was first set up and connected.

Steps To Make A Support Request 

If the Arlo camera was activated less than one year ago, or if you are on an Arlo Smart trial or plan, you can submit a support request. Arlo Community or Arlo Support options if you didn't subscribe to Arlo Smart when you activated your device over one year ago.

● Launch & navigate the Arlo secure app or sign into my.arlo.com. 

● Go and tap Settings>support. 

● Choose your Arlo product. 

● Click on the Support Request. 

● Follow the instructions available on the screen to submit the support request. 

After you submit a support request, the request is assigned a seven-digit number and saved in the REQUEST HISTORY section of the Arlo app. To fix the problem, an Arlo support specialist gets in touch with you as soon as possible. You might need to submit screen recordings and system logs of your Arlo app and devices as we try to address the issue.

How To Setup Arlo Camera By Using Arlo Support Tips?

These steps are applied to Arlo Ultra, Arlo Ultra 2, Arlo Pro 3, and Arlo essential wire-free cameras to set up and install the devices. Must follow the below-mentioned steps suggested by Arlo experts: 

To Setup Arlo Cameras Using Smart Hub Or Base Station:

● Activate the Arlo Secure App.

● Tap Add New Device at the bottom of the screen after sliding into it.

● Click Cameras.

● Go and select Ultra, Pro, or Essential.

● Choose a camera model.

● Choose an Arlo Base Station or SmartHub.

Note: Tap Add New SmartHub if you do not already have an ArloSmartHub or Base Station installed.

● Continue after connecting the Ethernet cable to your base station or smart hub.

● Tap Continue after inserting the AC adaptor and ensure that SmartHub or Base Station's lights are on.

● Continue after you've put the battery in the camera.

● Arlo is going to start looking for your camera.

Note: During setup, ensure that the camera is 3 to 6 feet away from your ArloSmartHub or Base Station. To prevent signal interference during setup, keep the camera away from other Wi-Fi devices that are close by.

● Tap Manually Pair Device if the search is taking too long. On the camera's interior, press the Sync button, then select Continue.

● Click Continue after giving your Arlo camera a name.

● Position your Arlo Camera and click on continue.

● Select Finish.

Steps to Setup Arlo Pro 4 &Arlo Essential Wire-Free Cameras Directly To Wi-Fi

● Launch & Activate the Arlo Secure App.

● Tap Add New Device at the bottom of the screen after descending to it.

● Click Cameras.

● Click on Pro or Essential.

● Choose a camera.

● To connect without a SmartHub, click (or select an ArloSmartHub or Arlo Base Station if desired).

● Connect without SmartHub by tapping Continue.

● Check your mobile device's settings to ensure you're connected to a 2.4 GHz network.

● Tap Continue to return to the Arlo Secure app.

● Tap Continue after entering your Wi-Fi SSID (network name) and password.

For Arlo Essential Wire-Free cameras:

● Hold and press the sync button placed on the bottom of the Arlo camera for two seconds. 

For Arlo Pro 4:

● Continue after you've put the battery in the camera.

● Tap Continue once the blue LED on the camera's front starts to blink.

● Tap the LED if it is not blinking blue to see whether it is.

● On the camera's interior, hold down the Sync button while tapping Continue.

● Press & hold the Sync button inside the camera and hit the continue button.  

● Check the status of the LED that starts blinking and click on the Continue button. 

● Hold the QR code in front of your Arlo camera for a few seconds.

● Tap Continue after hearing the chime sound.

● Arlo's search for your camera will now begin.

Note: When setting up the camera, ensure it is 3 to 6 feet from your Wi-Fi router. To prevent signal interference during the setup procedure, keep the camera away from other Wi-Fi devices.

● Tap Continue after naming your Arlo camera.

● Keep positioning your Arlo camera and click to continue. 

● Tap on the Finish button.

If you are searching for How Do I Talk to Someone at Arlo, Arlo Customer Service Number Hours, & Arlo Troubleshooting? chat with our experts.

Arlo Camera Setup
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