Running Through Walls: Dynamic Signal’s Russ Fradin on how good businesses constantly pivot

George Patterson

Brian Ascher joined Venrock in 1998 as a Kauffman Fellow and is currently a Partner based in Venrock s Palo Alto office.

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For the inaugural episode of Venrock s new podcast, Running Through Walls, I spoke with Russ Fradin, CEO and founder of Dynamic Signal, about his long history as an entrepreneur.

I have known Russ for years and was also an investor in Adify, where he was founder and CEO.

Having founded 3 companies, today Russ also advises several other start-ups as a board member.

Our conversation covered a variety of topics, including lessons learned from Dynamic Signal s early pivot, Russ s contrarian view on fundraising, and why he s the only CEO I know who answers every email he receives.

Takeaways from raising 25 venture rounds 3:11

Why it s not that challenging to be accessible 7:28

How to build a good relationship with VCs 12:48

Why it s stupid to be stealth in the enterprise world 13:39

The three things that matter the most about culture 16:43

George Patterson
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