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local personal injury lawyers

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local personal injury lawyers

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The difficulty of personal injury recovery cannot be overstated. You shouldn't have to live with the consequences of someone else's reckless behavior. When someone is negligent and causes injury or death, they should be held accountable.

If you were injured in Georgia and the injury was not your fault, you may have a legal right to be reimbursed for your expenses, including medical bills, prescription drugs, missed days of work, and more. You need to talk to a personal injury lawyer in Douglasville.

What should you do after an injury?

Some injuries are temporary, others are life-changing. All injuries are stressful, frustrating and potentially very expensive. The best thing you can do after an injury is to be your own advocate and take simple steps to protect your rights. Don't forget to follow these important steps:

Do not sign anything from the insurance company. Insurance companies tend to rush after an accident to offer victims quick cash. That money can be tempting, especially when you're already racking up medical bills.

Be careful. The reason why insurance companies try to settle your claim before you know what your injuries are really worth. If you accept the money, you can sign away your right to a much higher amount. Never take a check, sign any papers, or give a statement to an insurance company until you talk to an attorney.

Talk to a lawyer. The single most important step you can take after an injury is to receive a free consultation with a personal injury attorney. A good lawyer will have a long history of working on cases like yours and will be able to tell if you have a strong claim.

A Douglasville personal injury attorney can also help you get the medical help you need to know the full extent of your injuries and what the long-term costs will be. This single step can help you get tens of thousands of dollars more than the insurance company originally offered.

How do you know you have a valid personal injury claim?

Generally, if the accident was not your fault, you are entitled. Injury victims are often too quick to blame themselves or write the injury off as a freak accident. The law doesn't see it that way. Most injuries are preventable and are the result of someone's carelessness.

Negligence doesn't mean that someone set out to hurt you on purpose, it just means that they helped cause the accident through their carelessness. This is true of many car accidents, slips and falls, and other common injuries. The at fault insurance is then responsible for your injuries.

Almost any type of injury can qualify. The most common types of personal injury claims our lawyers work on include:

Traffic accidents

Bitten by a dog

Trip or slip and fall

Being hit by a car while walking or cycling

Wounded by a robber

Neglect in nursing homes

Defective products

Dangerous medical devices

Harmful prescription drugs

Do you have to go to court to get a personal injury claim in Douglasville?

It is not common to have to go to court to win a personal injury claim. Sometimes the insurance company will refuse to negotiate unless your lawyer takes them to court. This may be because they are overconfident in their evidence, or it may be because they think they can discredit you in front of a jury.

If the at-fault party's insurance company wants to take you to court, your attorney can advise you on how strong your case is and help you decide whether you should pursue your claim. If you choose to go to local court, your legal team will handle the process for you to the best of our ability.

It is much more common for insurance companies to negotiate out of court. This is because Douglasville attorneys begin each claim by conducting their own injury investigation and reconstructing exactly what happened so they can confront the insurance company with solid proof of the full extent of your injuries and the money you need.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Douglasville Personal Injury Lawyer?

Many personal injury firms do not believe that you should pay out of pocket to get legal help. Instead, our Douglasville attorneys use a simple payment structure:

Your consultation is always free

You never pay anything out of pocket

If the lawyer doesn't get you money, you won't pay him anything

If your personal injury attorney collects money for you, they get paid a percentage and you keep everything else. This way you get professional legal help without risk.

You have the right to seek the compensation you deserve

Your Douglasville personal injury attorney should be dedicated to collecting as much compensation for your financial and emotional losses as civil laws and guidelines allow. They can examine the details of your case and assign a monetary value to your damages to present in a settlement negotiation. You can get reimbursed for:

Past, present and future medical bills

Lost wages and missed work benefits

Pain and suffering

Mental anguish

Loss of joy in life

Wrongful death

Property damage

Understanding Georgia personal injury laws after a personal injury accident

A Douglasville personal injury attorney can explain the state and federal laws that may apply to your case. This way you get the full picture and understand how your legal team can protect you and fight for your right to compensation. They can do this by first determining negligence in your case and then proving fault.

Speak with a Douglasville personal injury attorney for free

Our sole mission is to help injury victims. We started as a small local law firm and have grown to become one of the largest and most successful names in the state, even earning the nickname "Strong Hand" due to our tough approach to insurance companies. Our Douglasville personal injury attorneys know how to get you the money you need.

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