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Importance of relationships

Importance of relationships

Humans are social animals, that much is true. Relationships are fundamental to who we are and play a significant role in our development. Social interactions are the cornerstone of everything you experience, including family, occupations, political systems, and the economy, whether you consider yourself to be an extrovert or an introvert, a steady serotonin type or an adventure-seeking dopamine type. Without your connections to other individuals, you genuinely wouldn’t be here today from an evolutionary standpoint.

From the moment we are babies, we are hardwired to connect with others. When we are struggling, we occasionally tend to distance ourselves from other people. However, strengthening our relationships with others rather than isolating ourselves might improve our thoughts and emotions.

Working on your relationships, whether they involve friends, family, partners, mentors, coworkers, or people you’re just getting to know, can be beneficial for your mental health. Gaining a deeper connection with one person might also facilitate a closer relationship with other people in your life. Let’s examine how cultivating relationships can be beneficial and what you can do to do so.

Types of relationships


Your first teachers of the social world are often your caregivers, which are typically your parents (and siblings, if you have them). Social cognition comes naturally to newborns. They strive to behave like us because they find humans so fascinating. Our parents should be two self-actualized adults who respect and value each of their children as the distinct individuals they are.


Friends and peers can help you improve psychologically. Even friends from before you were in preschool contributed to who you are today. They educate you on other people’s emotional states and conflicting desires.

Sexual partners and spouses

It is clear why this link is significant from an evolutionary perspective. It’s not shocking to learn that having sex is largely ingrained in our brains, but it might be less expected to learn that love, that flutter of excitement, is as well. Brain scans have revealed it to scientists. The ventral tegmental and the angular gyrus have been observed to light up among other areas when people are in love. Here’s another interesting fact: Your brain’s ventral tegmental region controls your reward and pleasure centers.

Benefits of healthy relationship

Offer you assistance

It’s a fantastic idea to share your feelings with friends and family if you’ve been struggling. People want to help you and are willing to listen, offer advice, and provide practical assistance. However, you are not required to provide anything. For instance, it’s OK to disclose to some friends—but not to others—that you are experiencing mental health issues.

Distract yourself from issues

Going through a difficult time? We occasionally have a tendency to develop bad habits or become somewhat mentally imprisoned. A fantastic method to get your mind off your problems and make you feel more like yourself is to spend time with friends doing something you both enjoy.

Make you feel less isolated

It’s frequently astonishing how much other people can relate to us when we talk to them about the problems we’re experiencing. Everyone is different, yet it can be incredibly comforting to hear that others have gone through similar things. Loneliness has been linked to depression, according to studies. Additionally, loneliness can impair cognitive abilities, worsen memory, and even alter how we perceive the world.

We feel happy in partnerships that are healthy. Additionally, it is a long-lasting advantage rather than merely a passing one. They have a similar impact on our long-term health as quitting smoking or gaining weight. Numerous studies have demonstrated that those with strong social support networks live longer and experience fewer health issues.

Tips to make relationship healthier

Think about your relationships

It’s beneficial to think back on the aspects of your relationships that are strong and the areas that could use improvement. It’s simple to overlook the positive aspects of a relationship when one aspect is difficult, like conflicts. On the other hand, there are instances when we are so eager for a relationship to succeed that we fail to recognize the negative aspects of it.

Strengthen your bond with yourself

You spend every hour of your life with one person—yourself—to whom you are more closely related than anyone else. Our interactions with others tend to improve as we get better at taking care of that individual. The opposite also holds true. It can be simpler to take care of ourselves when we spend time with and take care of our friends and family.

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