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FIFA 23 Coins PC - Problems You May Encounter When Buying

Kinga Edwards
FIFA 23 Coins PC - Problems You May Encounter When Buying

When buying FUT 23 Coins on PC, have you ever encountered any problems? Probably not, they happen extremely rarely. In most cases, the transaction goes through without a hitch and you can enjoy the influx of new Coins into your team account after a short time. However, there are cases where some irregularities occur - usually not very serious and easy to resolve. In that case, it is worth being prepared for this.

In this article, you will find out what messages may appear during the order process and what you can do to prevent this.

FIFA 23 buy Coins - possible announcements

Here, we will focus exclusively on problems and oversights that may affect the prolonged waiting time for the delivery of FIFA 23 Coins. These are technical issues that you, as the player, have the most influence on resolving. The choice of retailer is up to you. We recommend that you opt for experienced vendors - preferably ones that perform hundreds of transfers a day. If you have already taken this step, be aware that even with the best FIFA 23 Coins PC seller, you may come across the following messages.

  • No minimum amount of FUT 23 Coins in your account - you need at least 2,000 Coins in your Ultimate Team account for the transfer to take place. You will need to top this up before delivery can take place.
  • Unassigned cards - there are unassigned cards in your FUT account. Assign all of them and inform the retailer.
  • Incorrect security codes - if the codes turned out to be incorrect, try generating them again. Follow the instructions - perhaps an error crept in the first time.
  • Not enough free places on the transfer list - in FIFA 23, there must be at least 5 free places on your FUT account. If this condition is not met, delivery will not be possible.
  • No access to the account - the player is logged into the account, making the transfer handler unable to access the account. Release the account by logging out of Ultimate Team mode to the main menu. Simply switching off the game without logging out will unnecessarily prolong the whole process.
  • Incorrect account details - the details required for the transaction (WebApp account login and password) were found to be incorrect. Check their correctness and return to the merchant when everything is in order.
  • Blocked transfer market - the transfer market can be unblocked very easily. Just play a few matches. However, this is about full matches - starting a match and switching it off will not change anything. Usually, the account also unlocks after a few days of intensive use of FUT mode.
  • Incorrect platform - when ordering the service, you have chosen a different platform to that of the account whose details you provided to the seller. In this situation, you should inform the seller whether you meant a different account or whether the Coins should go to a different platform.
  • No FUT club on the account - there is no FUT club on the account you provided. Find an account with an active club and provide the seller's details.

FIFA Coins PC - summary

Buying FIFA Coins FIFA 23 PC is somewhat easier than in previous editions. However, situations can always arise that you don't expect. It's worth knowing what might happen and being prepared for it.

Kinga Edwards
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