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Ways To Check The Quality Of Marble And Granite

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Ways To Check The Quality Of Marble And Granite

Did you know that even the quality control departments might occasionally make mistakes when evaluating the quality of natural stones as marbles, grenades, sandstones, etc? In reality, there are a few strategies to guarantee that the granite and marble quality check is carried out perfectly. There are numerous marble and granite producers who offer quality control and quality check topics for examining the calibre of the stones they are producing. The characteristics of these stones can be ensured by adhering to these as suggested by the global marble and granite importer.

The quality of the stones is one of the most important things to think about when you have decided to buy a natural stone. You could not receive the outcomes you really desired if the quality isn't up to par. You can check for some of the greatest marble and granite suppliers in the area to make sure you acquire flawless stones. Here are some of the procedures you can use to determine the calibre of granite or marble stones you intend to employ.

Steps to Follow to Check The Quality

The polish quality of the slabs should be checked first because it is one of the elements that contribute to the overall appearance of the slabs. If the stone's polish quality is good, it will undoubtedly offer the stone and the project as a whole a good finishing touch. 

The consistency of the slabs' thickness needs to be checked after you have examined the polished quality. There are numerous Indian granite wholesalers in India who can offer you granite slabs in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. The optimal consistency, however, can range from 0.1 to 0.3 mm.

Additionally, you should look for any potential cracks or holes in the slabs. The slabs may become slightly weaker if there are gaps since they may not be able to hold good stress. Additionally, if the slabs have fractures, they are partially damaged and need to be changed because they are quite brittle.

You must request a few samples from your provider before receiving the slabs in a pile so that you may inspect the quality and colour and choose the slab that best suits you.

Moreover, you must confirm that the final slab load you receive matches the samples they previously gave you.

There are numerous businesses that can provide you with custom-sized slabs based on your needs because they can speed up and lessen the labor-intensive nature of the complete flooring or application process.

Also, you must inspect the slabs' porosity without the aid of any instruments. Applying some lemon juice to the surface is one of the simplest ways to check it.

It is porous if it instantly absorbs it. The slab is of poor quality if this is the case. Additionally, if the marble surface is stained, it may include excessive amounts of calcite, which is likewise of poor quality.

You must now look for any artificial coating or colouring. You can use a tool to scratch the slabs' surface to verify this. If there are visible scratches, the coating or colouring is fake. Always popular are natural stones. They have embraced aesthetic quality even since ancient times. Sandstone is another fine natural stone, and there are several exporters who can provide you with it, including those from India. Thus, you should consider the aforementioned factors while selecting natural stones for any purpose.

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Rocks Studio
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