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Compare Life Insurance Plans Online

Compare Life Insurance Plans Online

Compare Life Insurance

A contract for insurance coverage between a policyholder and an insurer provides for the payment of benefits. It happens after a predetermined time or upon the insured's death in return for a premium. Choosing a life insurance policy can prevent the policyholder's household from facing financial hardship in an unforeseen circumstance, such as when the person passes away.

Several alternatives are available with whole life insurance; one that people must consider is the term strategy. The initial strategy is to compare insurance plans online.

Types of Life Insurance

Plans for life insurance can be generally categorized in two primary ways.

Depending on how and where you invest your funds


The most typical kind of life insurance policy is this one. In this case, the insurance company makes the investment decisions, and the policyholder would have no say. Companies invest in low-risk, low-return alternatives so that total gains will be modest to moderate. From an investing standpoint, these programs provide poor transparency, and the surrendering values are often relatively low. Only invest in these strategies if you have a long time horizon.


Unit-Linked Insurance Plans is what it stands for. In this situation, the investor controls how their investments are made. He can invest in high-yielding equity funds, stick with debt funds, or even have a well-balanced portfolio. You may continuously track your money's worth and re-allocate it according to performance or market circumstances. This is a highly available method of both investing and getting life insurance. The surrender rates would be far better than what typical plans have to provide.

Depending on the risk you are attempting to cover

Child Plans

These plans are developed specifically with your child's future needs in mind. Ideal for budgeting for their wedding and higher schooling costs. Starting early and making regular investments might result in lump sum payouts when the child becomes older. Several plans include provisions like premium waivers if anything bad happens to the parent.

Plans for Term Insurance

The finest type of life coverage is this. These plans provide extremely high levels of coverage for incredibly low rates. Term plans do not benefit from maturity. The ideal level of coverage is between 15 and 20 times the person's annual salary. Each earning user is highly encouraged to enroll in this plan.

Savings Plans

These are the standard investment and money-back schemes. In the case of money-back schemes, lump-sum payments are made at predetermined periods, such as every five years. In the event of endowment plans, you continue to make recurring investments and receive a lump sum payment at maturity.

Pension Schemes

Plans for Deferred Annuity are another name for them. Pension plans are excellent for putting money down for retirement. When you are healthy and earning effectively, you consistently invest in creating a corpus of money you can draw from in retirement. On vesting, you can take one-third of the total amount accrued. But you must invest the balance to buy an annuity that will give you a consistent paycheck for the remainder of your life.

Comparing Life Insurance Plans: All You Need to Know

Since each life insurance company offers a different life insurance plan, evaluating life insurance policies online is crucial. Additionally, each life insurance provider provides various options for each kind of life insurance. Therefore, finding the best strategy for oneself may appear to be a complex undertaking.

A life insurance benchmarking tool on the internet takes all the uncertainty out. You may use our comparison tool to get the finest life insurance policy at a price you can afford. Here are some things to think to compare insurance policies:

Life Coverage Premium:

Make sure you are purchasing a suitable life insurance policy. Also, remember you are neither overinsured nor underinsured before anything else. After shortlisting a few plans and considering their features and advantages, you should evaluate the premiums each one charge for the same level of coverage.

Specifications of the policy's life insurance coverage.

Compare online term insurance plans of various insurance providers' different life insurance options. Then, always choose a complete life insurance policy that allows you to customize the policy's duration, sum guaranteed, method and frequency of premium payments, payouts, and other features to suit your individual needs better.

Life Insurance Riders:

You may supplement your standard life insurance coverage with riders. The riders for life insurance are extras that can be purchased. However, you should be aware if a separate insurer gives the riders you wish to acquire an in-built option before purchasing a life insurance policy online.

Some of the significant riders you would want to include in your policy might already be unique to a specific life insurance company's plan. Make careful, nevertheless, that you choose riders only if you require them rather than choosing one and over-insuring your life insurance coverage.

The ratio of Claim Settlement:

The company's claim resolution ratio represents the percentage of total claims settled relative to the total number of applications filed. The better the complaint resolution ratio, The higher the ratio suggests that you have a better probability of accepting your claim. Every year, the claim payout ratio varies for every life insurance policy. As a result, it is crucial to consider while evaluating life insurance products.

Why Should You Use Okbima.com?

There are approximately 20+ life insurance firms, each offering a wide range of products and benefits. However, despite the same features, rates might vary considerably. Therefore, it is challenging to compare online term insurance plans in India directly.

They attempt to make things simpler for you at Okbima.com. To help you make an educated choice, they evaluate the policies' yearly prices and characteristics from different insurance providers. Insurance coverage is a long-term investment. Therefore, it is critical to thoroughly understand its features and advantages today to avoid unpleasant surprises down the road.


Log onto the webpages of Okbima.com and compare life insurance plans online for your requirements in this day and age when time is of the essence and technology is so readily available. Most, if not all, insurance companies have websites, and they all spend a considerable amount of money and time, making them highly interactive and user-friendly for those looking for online rates or even simple plan features.

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