Authorities poor IT security

Jim Evans

National audit shows that the Swedish authorities have long to "acceptable level" when it comes to information security.

"Our review shows that work on information not sufficiently high priority of the authorities in relation to the risks," said Auditor General Margareta Åberg in a press release.

stopped traffic

These deficiencies can lead to undesirable consequences, as when the Civil Aviation Administration radar stopped air traffic at several airports recently, or in April, when no one could leave out prescription medication.

clear requirements

A stronger governance from the government, with clear demands on what should be achieved, when it will be completed, and then a follow-up needed for the situation to improve, according to the National Audit Office.

In addition, the Swedish power grid, Companies Registration Office, the National Land Survey, the National Post and Telecom Agency, the Maritime Administration and the National Pensions Board included in the review.

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Jim Evans
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