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Boost Your Sales with General Trade Through These Simple Methods!

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General trade is prominent in several industries and is one of the most famous and influential trade channels. Kirana or traditional stores account for 30% of all global sales. The highest reach of approximately is this trade channel. 

What Does The Fmcg General Trade Channel Mean?

The general trade or traditional trade channel is one of the most established ways to market your goods. One illustration of this trade is the nearby kirana store, where you usually do your last-minute shopping. It is a small-scale, possibly colony-specific retail establishment owned and operated by individuals.

General trade, also known as traditional trade, is still a prominent source of business for several enterprises in many nations. It is crucial to take the proper strategic and technological steps to get the desired results from this channel.

Now, let's go over the top strategies to boost sales through general trade:

1) Data-Driven Strategic Store Onboarding 

60 to 70 percent of retailers, on average, do not produce the desired sales for brands. This is because FMCG companies hire new retailers based on the judgment of front-line sales representatives. Most local grocery stores are dispersed and fragmented, making it difficult for any FMCG company to onboard them.

When done correctly, store onboarding gives you all the information you need to divide your business's customer base into groups based on factors such as shared geographic areas, product offerings, etc.

Utilizing data-based insights for retailer onboarding entails getting a complete understanding of your store's specifics.

  • Location of the store.
  • Retailer size.
  • Store environment.
  • Variety of goods it offers.
  • Competitors who are vying for the store's business.
  • The shop has several price points available.
  • Your category of products has space designated for it.

Business leaders can thoroughly understand the retail store with general trade strategies. Businesses can make wise decisions by understanding customers' transactional, ordering, and behavioral patterns. This results in better market coverage planning, scheme targeting, marketing campaigns, and staffing levels. As a result, businesses can deliver improved customer engagement and boost sales.

2) Use AI to automate order collection

When sales representatives visit retail stores, it is noted that 60 to 70 percent of them cannot produce the highest volume of orders. But, thanks to intelligent suggestions of products, they can sell thanks to an effective AI-based order maximization algorithm. Giving your sales representatives cross-sell and up-sell recommendations on their order-taking app also improves their skills. Such algorithm-based order collection software examines past order data and seasonal order patterns.

Maximize the use of the scheme in the order collection process. Cross-selling, up-selling, and reselling are the most efficient methods for an FMCG company, and FMCG companies similarly design the scheme application. What happens if the sales representative cannot convey the same during real-time order collection? Your sales representative will be able to inform the retailers of the appropriate schemes if you incorporate a scheme application into your order capture workflow. It aids in various strategies to boost volume, range, clearance, and loyalty with precise targeting.

4) Make it possible for retailers to place orders online

While traditional selling is only profitable for some retailers today, digital order collection methods can be practical and significantly boost your sales. You can allow most stores to accept digital orders when utilizing general trade and apps like Viber, WhatsApp, and Messenger Bots. Along with raising your sales, this will also broaden your market penetration by bringing more retailers online.

5. Display Ads That Work


Thanks to data-driven segmentation, you'll know which stores to run the campaign on. Enable your sales after deciding.

An increase in sales for your company is guaranteed by a combination of an intuitive and capable mobile app to gather Visual Merchandising evidence from the point-of-sale and AI-Assisted auditing of images.

With suitable methods of general trade, you can surely set up a physical store that lets you sell more with much less effort. 

Love In Store Technologies
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