Donjon Marine Focuses on Seeking Long-Term Client Relations

Mark Devin

Customer Relationship Management is the most common strategy companies use today to keep their customers happy. In a world where the choices are plenty, it is essential to keep your clients close, strengthen your relationships with them and find new clients who can trust you in the long term.


A company that is quite known for its expertise and good sets of skills in this line of business is quite concerned about how to keep the relationship with their clients more vital and for a more extended period is Donjon Marine.


Donjon Marine’s primary customer strategy today relies heavily on getting its CRM applications to keep its customers happy. But as necessary as CRM is to the world of commerce, CRM and the maritime industry are just beginning to warm up to each other.


1. For Customer flux and better management

The Shipping world is not an industry where customers are dealt with daily. Indeed, dedicated customers stay long, but the interaction is less frequent than in other sectors. But the importance of CRM in the shipping industry can be addressed.


2. To Manage Customers Better

But this brings us to the main point- what is CRM, and why is it so important in the shipping industry? To put it simply, CRM is the management process that allows a company to keep a tab on their customers in terms of their opinions about the company’s services, responding to their questions as quickly as possible, getting timely feedback, and redirecting it so that the suitable changes can be made.


3. To know about Customers’ experiences

From cruise lines that need to know about their passengers’ experience with them to the freight and cargo companies responding to their client’s queries readily, CRM applications help them keep it all organized and running smoothly.


4. To Help Customers find what they are looking for

The recent upsurge in the number of people seeking services from the marine industry makes the need for CRM solutions even more urgent. The shipping industry needs efficient management to ensure customers get what they want.


5. To Get a Competitive Edge with an Efficient CRM system

Another reason why CRM and the maritime industry need to align together is that this industry is no longer a monopoly. With privatization, the choices for every service a potential customer seeks are astounding.


6. To Keep Customers Informed at all Times

CRM can benefit cargo shipping companies as it helps them keep track of the stuff. If you can notify your client about the status of their shipment to the point it reaches its destination safely, you have a content customer. Tracking becomes much easier with the help of CRM.


7. To Increase Customer-Company Communication

And as for larger companies, CRM solution is a blessing in disguise for them because it allows them to interact with customers at the most basic level. Know about the problems they face, questions they have to ask, or complaints they have to make, and you will understand what your customer wants from you.


As we mentioned earlier, Donjon Marine is nationally and internationally famous for its skills in this line; let us tell you more about it in detail. Donjon, a dredging and maritime salvage pioneer keeps looking for ways to increase its influence inside the marine industry and beyond.


Donjon Marine was founded in 1966 and has since built and is still seeking long-term client connections in a world where scarce corporate resources necessitate regular budget balancing. Donjon began as a pioneer in maritime salvage services in the New York region and has since developed into a market leader in conventional and environmentally friendly dredging.


Recycling, demolition on land and at sea, pollution control and cleanup, heavy lift transport, marine transportation, and landfill remediation/site management are some of its specialties.

Mark Devin
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