Cyber Security Training Courses Your NZ Business Needs

Darah Albesa

Regardless of the size of your business or the market you serve, your company should invest in cybersecurity training courses for your employees. Read on to learn about the best types of training courses.


<h2>What is the importance of cybersecurity training courses?<h2>

Good cybersecurity awareness training in the workplace prevents costly losses and potential disruption to your operations. In the event of inevitable attacks, education and implementing the right processes can minimise the impact of any threat. Cybersecurity measures can also help businesses recover fast without paralysing financial and reputational aftermath.

If you're new to cybersecurity and what it can do for your business, this article can help you get started.

<h2>Types of Cybersecurity Training That Can Benefit Your Business</h2>

Here are some crucial cyber security training courses your employees should complete to protect your company from cybercriminals.


<h3>Phishing and Social Engineering Courses</h3>

Cybercriminals use phishing and social engineering tactics to steal sensitive information from a company's storage software, communication channels, and other databases. Helping your employees identify and respond to these attacks can be your first line of defence.

Phishing and social engineering training cover a wide range of lessons. These include the identification of suspicious emails and messages and reporting them to the concerned authorities. The same course includes sections on best practices for creating strong passwords and protecting personal information, among others.


<h3>Security Awareness Training</h3>

A detailed and custom security awareness program can be useful for companies that cater to a specific market or demographic. These courses tackle data privacy, security protocols, and incident response procedures.

After security awareness training, your employees will understand their role in protecting the company's sensitive information.


<h3>Network Security Classes</h3> 

Network security is crucial to protecting your company's data and systems from cyber criminals and threats. Such threats include malware and virus attacks.

In a network security class, workers learn the importance of securing their devices and networks. These include setting up and maintaining firewalls, protecting company login credentials, exclusively using company-issued devices whilst at work, and more.


<h3>Mobile Device Security Classes</h3>

Some companies use smart mobile devices as necessary hardware for their everyday operations. With the increasing use of mobile devices for work, your employees should identify the most common risks associated with using these devices.

A mobile device security training will cover lessons on how to secure mobile devices, such as using two or three-factor authenticators, encryption, and password protection. It also includes best practices for using public Wi-Fi networks.


<h3>Cloud Security</h3>

If you've recently hired a cloud storage and computing service or planning to invest in one, cloud security training is non-negotiable. Your employees should know the risks associated with cloud computing. This course teaches employees how to protect valuable data assets against them.


<h2>Should you invest in cybersecurity awareness programs?</h2>

All businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks. The bigger an organisation is, the more tempting your resources are to these cyber criminals. With the types of training courses and benefits we listed in the previous sections, your answer should be an easy YES. 

New Zealand is observing a rising number of phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks on vulnerable businesses. These attacks recorded significant financial losses and disruption to business operations.  

Most of these attacks are unreported, so the number is likely higher! Don't be part of these statistics.

Start today by implementing solid security protocols and training employees on the most effective cybersecurity measures. Don't forget to invest in training to build a robust defence against these attacks to keep your data safe.

Darah Albesa
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